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Oasis United Transformation homeless initiative provides food, clothing and community services necessary for individuals at any level of the homeless stratum. We also facilitate discussion around designing, planning and implementing a continuum of services vital in combating all tiers of homelessness.


O-OCO serves as a leading LGBTQ grass-roots organization promoting spiritual healing following the Pulse tragedy. We are ambassadors of the radically inclusive love of Jesus Christ, building power and unity among Central Florida’s LGBT communities of color.


O.U.T Care’s mental health Targeted Case Managers work to assist clients in gaining access to the necessary local, state and federal programs. As well as link, advocate and coordinate services specific to their needs.

Standing O.U.T

Orlando-Oasis Community OUTreach

Our LGBTQ O.U.T Reach boots-on-the-ground efforts bring awareness to unique challenges of the Black LGBTQ experience, builds unity in the community through partnerships with our Latinx family around economical, racial and social justice contentions. As well as advocate for survivors of the Pulse tragedy and others victims of hate crimes based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression throughout Central Florida. We also provide support and services for displaced LGBTQ teens and young adults.

O.U.T Against Homelessness

O.U.T Against Homelessness organizes, Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as 2(Aug/Dec) back to school drives each year. Our clothing closet initiative provides clothing and toiletries throughout the year along with a winter season blanket, scarf and glove drive. O.U.T Pantry administers food and coordinate monthly community brunches.

O.U.T Care tcm

O.U.T Care professionals develop individualized service plans for medicaid assisted clients with mental health challenges. Services include but are not limited to public assistance-social security & disability application, housing assistance, and self-empowered daily living. Visit our website at http://outcaretcm.com.

O.U.T Community Computer Lab

O.U.T Lab provides internet access and assistance with resume writing, state and federal benefits application, ACCESS Orlando, job/employment search, social services connection and more.


We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, faith base organization. Our inclusive mission focuses on reaching out to the marginalized population as a proud extension of Oasis Fellowship Ministries, Inc., with an added humanitarian focus. We believe in the universal connection of all humanity, if one suffers we all suffer. With a heart for marginalized communities, we take our responsibility to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly earnestly.

“There are so many people around here that needs this. I’m grateful for all of it, I just want to say thank you.”

O.U.T Client info@outtochange.org

“O.U.T has been very great to me and my family, they just made my kids very happy! I wish I’d known about this place a long time ago. As long as God lets me stay alive I’ll keep coming.”

O.U.T Client info@outtochange.org

BE the Power to Foster Transformation

O.U.T Give Yourself

Donate Your Time or Resources

Feeding the community is just one of the initiatives your volunteer hours and donation dollars go to help. We are our brothers keeper!

Feeding and Fellowship

Help O.U.T continue to help set our children up for success with supplies during beginning and after Christmas return to school.

Back to School Supplies

Volunteer or donate to help O.U.T continue the Back to School FREE haircut services, helping increase kids confidence heading back to school. It’s a mighty feeling!

Back to School FREE Haircuts

Those signing up for service continue to grow. We need your help to continue to provide the services our community has come to rely upon us to provide. Consider reoccurring donation scheduling.

Signing Up for Services

Your contribution also go to very necessary community health fairs.

Health Fair

Adopt a family has continued to grow. Each year we are able to help more and more families. With your help that number will continue to increase.

Christmas Drive

Each year O.U.T provides for families in need.

Thanksgiving Drive

Vigil and Financial presentation for families of Pulse victim. Your contributions make it possible for O.U.T to continue assisting victim’s families.

O-OCO Pulse Vigil


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